Burnt TonguesBurnt Tongues, published by Medallion Press (August 12th, 2014)

Synopsis: Transgressive fiction authors write stories some are afraid to tell. Stories with taboo subjects, unique voices, shocking images—nothing safe or dry.

Burnt Tongues is a collection of transgressive stories selected by a rigorous nomination and vetting process and hand-selected by Chuck Palahniuk, author of Fight Club, as the best of The Cult workshop.

These stories run the gamut from horrific and fantastic to humorous and touching, but each leaves a lasting impression. Some may say even a scar.

Story featured: “Dietary”

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warmed and boundWarmed and Bound: A Velvet Anthology, published by Velvet Press (August 24th, 2011)

Synopsis: From the heart of The Velvet–a writing community built around the fervent love of neo-noir fiction–comes an original anthology. Stacked with brilliant emerging writers alongside some of the strongest established voices in contemporary literature, WARMED AND BOUND crosses literary boundaries on all sides, to deliver an altogether unique reading experience.

Through seemingly opposed conventions, beautiful prose makes a hard impression on the short story form. From a scary love story to a nostalgic thriller, a hardboiled pursuit of salvation to the black humor that is existentialism, WARMED AND BOUND is rogue humility and lovesick noir, where humanity is a dirty puzzle. It’s Velvet Noir. Welcome.

Story featured: “Fading Glory”

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Spark coverSpark: A Creative Anthology (vol. II), published by Empire & Great Jones Little Press (July 1st, 2013)

Synopsis: A bold revival of the short story format, punctuated with classic and modern poetry forms, Spark: A Creative Anthology features the freshest work from a range of talented writers, from established professionals to newly-emerging authors and poets. Volume II continues the ambitious approach to contemporary English writing and solidifies Spark: A Creative Anthology as a noteworthy collection of great work.

Story featured: “Ultimate Grand Supreme Super Sexy Baby”

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Amsterdamned If You Do, published by CCLAP (August 15th, 2011)

Synopsis: Of all the basic building blocks that go into modern literature, the issue of setting may perhaps be both one of the trickiest and one of the most powerful; and now the Chicago Center for Literature and Photography is proud to announce a new anthology that specifically examines this subject, conceptualized and edited by the center’s 2011 intern, Traci Kim. The compilation features a dozen noted writers from around the world, each penning a story in which their locations play a pivotal role — from Brandon Tietz writing about a post-disaster Joplin, Missouri, to Jenn Winter discussing rush hour in Nairobi, and from Nora Bonner detailing the adventures of a white girl in Thailand to David Harris Ebenbach chronicling a family drama unfolding at “Jewish Day” at New York’s Shea Stadium. (Also featured in this collection: Dan Treadway, Robert Duffer, Heather Skyler, Elva Maxine Beach, Joseph Bates, Delphine Pontvieux, Emma Riehle Bohmann and Lorraine Boissoneault.) Featuring multiple award winners, academic stars, and contributors to the Chicago Tribune, New York Times, Huffington Post, and Chuck Palahniuk Writers’ Workshop among others, this novella-sized anthology is a smart and satisfying read, a globe-spanning look at how physical location can still profoundly affect us in these online-everything times.

Story featured: “Joplin”

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Solarcidal Tendencies, published June 19th, 2014Solarcidal Tendencies

Visions, plagues, angels. A different view of the miracle of birth. Bestialty farms, departing souls, talking cold-sores, and of course, elder gods. All of this and more. Edited by Martin Garrity and Nathan Pettigrew, this is a collection of some of the darkest and most perculiar words ever published by Solarcide. The long awaited return of some of the craziest, funniest, and most brutal fiction that was featured during the first couple of years of the site’s operations. Featuring an introduction by neo-noir road-warrior, Richard Thomas, and boasting stories from wonderful folk such as Ben Tanzer, Gordon Highland, Brandon Tietz, Rebecca Jones-Howe, and Garrett Cook. Wicked words are contained within. The full table of contents. Introduction – Richard Thomas, Perfectly Natural – Jessica Leonard, Horsepower – Bryan Howie & K. A. Hunter, Child – David Bobis, ‘Burgatory – Gordon Highland, A Lady on the Streets – Renee Asher Pickup, Triple Flash – Len Kuntz, Enhancement – Garrett Cook, Distance From Daddy – Rebecca Jones-Howe, Something Special – Ben Tanzer, Carl – Brandon Tietz, Hands and Tendrils – Axel Taiari, The Love – Teri Skultety, The Legend Of Johnny Bell – Laura Andrews, My Life In A Brutalist Concrete Bunker – Tony Rauch, Year of the Pig – Andrea Taylor, Love, Posey – Michael J. Riser.

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