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Micro-review: The Four

The premise: Yet another singing competition in a slew of singing competitions. One in which P. Diddy assures us, “This ain’t like those other shows” even though it has judges, and singers, an audience, and flashing visual stimuli JUST LIKE those other shows.

The judges: P. Diddy (I know him from when he wore foil garbageman suits with Ma$e), Khaled (I know him from commercials and probably music), Meghan Trainor (I know two of her songs), and Charlie Walk (Simon Cowel’s American understudy).

How it works: There’s four chairs up on this holier-than-thou platform. If you have a chair, you’re basically a god-like talent and P. Diddy will give you free Ciroc. As a contestant, you perform a song of your choosing in an attempt to impress the judge’s panel. If you win the approval of all four judges, you earn the right to challenge one of The Four. If you win the challenge, you get to take the chair of the person you beat and silently judge other contenders like a jerk as the newest member of The Four.

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AT&T Restricts Websites Hosted by GoDaddy; I Know Because They Admitted to It

It had been a while since I posted on my site. Close to a year. The site had always been functional and regularly visited due to topics such as Princess Syndrome and why people hate E.L. James, but I had not been posting much by way of new content nor visiting much myself.

Come January 1st, I decided to change that. I updated all my WordPress plug-ins and posted a brand-new blog. It went up just fine and everything seemed to be in working order. I checked the post the morning of January 2nd—still good. I left for work and checked my stats a few times that day—still going strong. But then I got home and that all changed. I couldn’t access my site. I was getting a time-out error. Not just on my iMac, but literally every other device I tried (an iPad, an iPhone 6s, a Kindle Fire, and a Samsung Galaxy). I tried Safari, Google Chrome, and Firefox—same result. Time-out errors every time.

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The Top 19 Things We Need to Retire in 2018

1.) Retail websites that make you give them an email before you can look around

You’re lucky I’m even here in the first place. Seriously, why do we need to get personal information involved? Just let me creep your products at my leisure.

2.) The phrase “I’m living my best life”

Anyone who says this is lying to the person they’re saying it to and themselves. I’ve seen your Pontiac Aztec, Karen.

3.) Tapas

You’re going to charge me $18 for this little plate of shit? You kidding me right now?

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