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2015 Preview; 366/Vanity

2015 Preview:

2014 was a release year. That meant readings, promoting, book clubs, trying to get reviews, and just generally anything I could do to increase awareness of Good Sex, Great Prayers.

2015 is a write and sell year. Two projects are currently in the works.


In 2008 I came out with Out of Touch through iUniverse (a vanity press). After an offer from Otherworld Publications to put out the book in a second edition, I cancelled my iUniverse contract and went with them. Not long after the second edition release, Otherworld Publications closed its doors. That meant that no more copies were going to be produced and I officially wasn’t making any royalties on that book anymore. I actually have no fucking clue where the money goes if you buy a copy on Amazon (there’s less than twenty available).

Here’s the thing: I put years into that book, so the last thing I’m going to do is let it rot in “out of print” status. Having said that, I’m completely aware that simply slapping a new cover on this thing and putting it out in the world again will probably not equate to huge sales numbers. That is more or less what happened when I took OOT from iUniverse to Otherworld. They were a start-up press. There was no huge marketing push or major reviews done. Their idea of marketing was for me to leave copies at dentist offices and Jiffy Lube waiting rooms. The principle difference between the two houses is that I was getting less of a royalty cut in order to call myself “traditionally published.”

Recently, a friend and colleague of mine, Fred Venturini, came out with the novel The Heart Does Not Grow Back through Picador. What a lot of people don’t know is that that book originally came out through a small press under the title The Samaritan a couple years previous. Fred took a good book, reworked it, and re-released it through a major publishing house.

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Top 3 Highlights from 2014

Good Sex, Great Prayers releases:

I’ve been writing for a solid twelve years now, so it’s kinda hard to believe that I’m only just now releasing my second full-length novel. 2012/2013 were nose-to-the-grindstone years. 2014 was the year all that hard work paid off and Good Sex, Great Prayers released through Perfect Edge Books. LitReactor gave me a platform to talk about the entire process, which you can read HERE.

Bottom line: I’m proud of this one. Reviewers and casual readers alike are enjoying it, and it’s been a blast to perform at live readings. Most importantly, this was the book no one was expecting from me. I told myself very early on that I want to do something entirely different from my first book…and I couldn’t be more pleased with the results.

Synopsis, author blurbs, and links to reviews can all be found HERE on the information page.

Burnt Tongues releases: 


In 2009, not long after the vanity press version of Out of Touch had released, I had a choice to make: either write a second novel and hope for better results…or, I could enter this anthology contest that Chuck Palahniuk (author of Fight Club) was running on his website.

I decided to go with the contest, and five years later, my story was appearing in Burnt Tongues, the Chuck Palahniuk anthology. Yet again, LitReactor was kind enough to give me a platform to talk about the process of that. To read about the entire affair go HERE.

The short version is that this has been truly life and career-changing, and I owe a great deal of thanks to Chuck, Dennis Widmyer, and Richard Thomas. My inclusion in Burnt Tongues also leads to our third and final highlight.

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Top Reads of 2014

2014 was the first year in a long time I wasn’t constantly strapped behind a computer trying to hammer out a book. If you’ve ever tried to write a 450-page beast in under a year, it doesn’t allow for a lot of free time. I read a lot of books this year: some good ones, some that left me underwhelmed, some nice surprises, and my personal worst book of all time. Let’s begin: 

Top comic book: The Superior Spider-Man (ended run in Aug. 2014):

Holy shit, what a concept. The consciousness of Dr. Octopus winds up in the body of Peter Parker. He then proceeds to prove to himself and the world at large how he is the superior Spider-Man, donning a new costume and new tactics. Doc Ock don’t give a fuck about Parker’s rules. This is one of those runs where you know they’ll eventually hand the mantle back over to Peter, but watching Otto wear the webs is so damn fun. Both the story and art are brilliant.

Top celebrity book: Yes Please by Amy Poehler: 

I love Amy Poehler. I love the shit out of her. And I loved her way before Parks & Rec so my love probably matters more than yours does. You may have watched her older stuff like Upright Citizens Brigade on YouTube; I watched that shit when it was airing on Comedy Central. Because I love Amy, I went into Yes Please wanting/expecting/hoping to love it. I went into it horribly biased, but that’s okay. Poehler deserves it. She’s one of the good ones. Fuck you, Lena Dunham.

Top dark horse novel: Nefarious Twit by Tony McMillan: 

Nefarious Twit was a novel that I expected very little from, and then when I read it, the thing ended up being one of the best debuts I’ve read in a long time. It’s a hyper-imaginative, twisted, drug-addled road trip with just a touch of Shel Silverstein. Not only did Tony write the book, he did the cover art and all the illustrations. I expect great things from this guy in the future.

Top major release: Annihilation by Jeff VanderMeer: 

A team of four people explore a fucked up piece of land called Area X. Man, was I ever sucked in. This book was equal parts Lost and House of Leaves. The entire thing carried a sense of dread and horror that makes you not want to put the thing down. Great story, and VanderMeer’s writing style only amps it up. Dude is a fucking surgeon. Annihilation landed on a lot of “best of” lists and rightfully so.

Top of the shit heap: Rich Kids of Instagram by Maya Sloan: 

Rich Kids of Instagram has the distinction of being the worst book I’ve ever read. Not just of 2014, mind you. Ever. It’s the worst book I’ve ever read. Let me put it to you this way: I never believed in burning books until I read this one. It’s that fucking bad. A literary abortion. A poor man’s Gossip Girl rip-off. The result of what happens when you adapt ostentatious photos into a book. There’s only a thin vapor of a plot. The characters are a polio-grade of weak. Maya Sloan’s writing style is dog shit. If you’re truly curious to see how low literature has sunk, then this is the book for you.