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“Ultimate Grand Supreme Super Sexy Baby” is now available for pre-order in Spark: A Creative Anthology (vol. II)

Spark cover“Ultimate Grand Supreme Super Sexy Baby” is now available for pre-order in Spark: A Creative Anthology (vol. II). You can pick up the entire anthology for as little as $2 (suggested donation is $5) by going HERE. Print copies are also available.

Here is the first paragraph of my story:

Mothers start grinding their teeth when Alaska Scott enters the room—technically, a convention hall inside the Radisson Hotel, furnished with a modest stage and about a hundred wounded chairs from basement storage.  These women rubberneck to the main entryway, suspending any last minute preening of their own darling daughters: the slouched hairdos or mascara clumps.  An apple juice stain soon to be remedied with Kleenex and spit.  That paradigm of glamour and grace, Alaska Scott—she stands poised while the rest of the mini princesses wrinkle their gowns and eat boogers off French manicures.  Not one of them will incur the standard smack on the hand because, as any of these mothers would admit, “Better she eat a little snot than cry all that makeup off.”

The anthology features work from authors:  Robert J. Sawyer, George Wells, Alexis A. Hunter, and many more. Cover art by Charles King. When a full TOC comes out I’ll make sure to update.

UPDATE: the anthology’s official release date is July 1st, 2013

The Chuck Palahniuk anthology, Burnt Tongues, will be published August 2014 through Medallion Press

BT TOCWell, it’s finally happening. After many delays and roadblocks, the Chuck Palahniuk anthology has been sold to Medallion Press with the publication date set for August of 2014. Check out the full TOC on the left here. You may recognize some of the names.

This is a major breakthrough in a very long and arduous process. “How long?” you may ask. Well, my first story submission was all the way back in June of 2009. However, this idea was originally conceived years earlier by The Cult’s webmaster Dennis Widmyer, so a big thanks to him for not losing faith or his drive to see this thing become a reality. Another big shout-out goes out to Richard Thomas who sold this thing like a champ and got us this fantastic deal with Medallion.

As for the stories themselves, I’ve read most of them back when I was hitting the workshop hard. They’re good. They’re really fucking good. And they’ll be even better once Medallion’s editors have sharpened them up, so get excited. This is going to be a highlight reel of transgressive fiction from some of the best up-and-coming talent in the industry.

Books and Booze radio interview and live show

books and booze live showJust in case you missed it, I recently did an interview with the good people over at Books and Booze. In it you get some initial reactions to the new novel, Good Sex, Great Prayers (thank you Renee for being my guinea pig), and we also talk about what’s happening with the 3rd edition re-release of Out of Touch.

You can listen to the full interview HERE

Also, the B&B people will be putting on a live show in St. Louis next month. You should most definitely come out if you can. It’s a limited space event so be sure to RSVP on Facebook so we can put you on the list.

Not sure what the other guys are doing, but I’ll be reading some Kim Kardashain poetry, a little bit from GSGP, and I may do a game on stage involving books and booze (to keep it in theme). As far as merchandise goes, I’ll be bringing a box of Out of Touch (2nd Edition) copies with me. I’ll be selling those for only $5 a piece–and yes–I will most definitely sign them for you.

See ya at the show!